Thursday, February 5, 2009

Art in God's Economy

My wife and I have recently dedicated ourselves to a more responsible and biblical use of our finances. About a week later, I got news that my Painting "Line Upon Line" was sold at GHOP (painting shown below). "Line Upon Line" was the first painting I made in the house of prayer. A man and his friend were visiting GHOP and discussing Kingdom living and the tapestry that God creates as he orchestrates Divine appointments and interactions between believers and churches. Then they saw the painting. "This is what we are talking about", one of them said. The other man had had that picture in his mind as he had been in a season of meditation on the Kingdom of God. He sold a gold necklace from his early, unredeemed life in order to purchase the painting.

This is a word to artists and to anyone desiring a life of surrender and obedience. This is a sign that God is not confined to our economy and recession. As we walk in obedience, God's provision will meet with us. Wealth will come for us! In an economy that leaves people unable to pay their mortgage, God can raise up finances, even for art. We are called to be obedient. We must be who He's called us to be. Seek first His Kingdom.